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At Advanced Measurement Systems, Inc., our customers come first. We believe understanding our customers and listening to their needs ensures we deliver customer-focused products and services. 

        We have an excellent reputation with hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers.
        We are not too big to care and will be flexible and responsive to your needs.
        We stand for fairness, integrity, and provide great value for your money in all our solutions and products.
        Many of our solutions can be tailored to your requirements and budget.
        Our highly experienced team are experts in collision repair laser measuring solutions.
        We have a history of innovative solutions to improve business efficiency for our customers and reduce costs.
        We have numerous relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and added-value service providers, that we can leverage for our customers   benefit.


Advanced Measurement Systems, Inc., was founded in 2010, based on the belief that the Collision Repair Industry needed a dependable, reasonably priced, and easy to operate multi point laser electronic measuring system. We also believe that any system used to repair today’s increasingly advanced automobiles should be able to demonstrate and document that it is properly calibrated and reading accurately at all times.


Advanced Measurement Systems, Inc. holds the firm conviction there should be in place a certification or documentation requirement for electronic measurement systems as they are utilized in the collision repair process. Manufacturers of electronic measuring systems must step up to the plate, take ownership of this problem, and address the issue. Based on aerospace technology, our patented Eclipse laser electronic measuring system is the only system available so technically advanced it will continually self-calibrate during use.

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